2018 Power Up! Robot "Serquet"


  • Six wheel KOP drive base
  • Four CIM Motors
  • Two-speed gear box
  • Drivetrain speeds: 8 ft/s and 16 ft/s


  • 8 ft long axis arm
  • Arm extends to full height in 1.5 sec
  • Capable of scoring from both front and back of the robot
  • Climber acted as a "utility belt", as the arm would flip around to grab the hooks for attaching to the climbing bar
  • Climber powered by drive train PTO

Other Information

  • Functional 3-cube Autonomous
  • Autonomous able to score on either side of the scale
  • Additional Autonomous mode to score in either side of the switch very quickly

Interesting Facts

  • One of the only FRC robots in the world with a three-axis arm
  • Used a 360 LIDAR to detect cubes in Autonomous mode


  • Semifinalists at the Waterloo and North Bay District Competitions (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Received the Creativity Award at the Waterloo and North Bay District Competitions
  • Winners at the North Bay District Competition (Blue Alliance Results)
  • Semifinalists at the Ontario District Competition
  • Ranked 19th out of 160 teams in the Ontario District(Blue Alliance Ranking)
  • Received the Autonomous Award at the World Championship in Detroit