2020 Infinite Recharge Robot "Frank"


  • 6 Colson wheels
  • Custom West Coast drivebase
  • Two-speed gear box
  • Drivetrain speeds: 6.47 ft/s and 14.72 ft/s


  • Deployed by two pneumatic cylinders
  • Full width intake capable of centering and intaking Powercells from the entire width of the robot
  • Powered by 3 Neo 550s
  • Max spin speed of 20.66 ft/s


  • Powered by 1 Neo motor
  • Capable of holding 5 Powercells


  • Powered by 4 775 Pro motors
  • Adjustable hood powered by a bag motor
  • Capable of shooting 5 Powercells in 1 second
  • Leverages Limelight to auto align to the target

Control Panel Manipulator

  • Deployable manipulator capable of spinning the control panel
  • Uses a compliance wheel for high-grip on the Control Panel
  • Powered by a Neo 550 motor
  • Colour sensor mounted on the robot to complete the colour selection


  • Deployable climber capable of reaching the bar at its max height
  • Snowblower motor on the end of the climber allows the robot to adjust it’s position on the bar after climbing to ensure it is balanced
  • Climber deployed by 1 Neo motor
  • Winch powered by climber deployer Neo via PTO


  • Functional 8-ball autonomous mode