Meet the CyberCavs

Woodland Christian High School's FIRST Team 4678, the CyberCavs, began in 2012. Since inception, the CyberCavs have pursued and risen to excellence. Each season, the teams performance has improved.

After only 3 seasons as a team, the CyberCavs claimed championship at the North Bay Regional competition, a top ten position in the Newton Division at the world championship, as well as two excellence in engineering awards.

As of the 2017 season, the CyberCavs have additionally received Innovation in Control, Quality, and a third Excellence in Engineering Award, won the Newton Division at world championships, and ranked as a top ten team in Ontario.

We are thankful for our dedicated mentors, who teach and equip team members with skills that help carry us forward into our lives ahead. From design to programming; from building to fundraising; from project management to public relations, the CyberCavs provide opportunities for students to grow in many ways beyond STEM.

The CyberCavs would also like to thank our sponsors, who have given us the means to build robots and attend competitions, the Woodland Christian High School community for supporting this venture, the teachers who inspire us, and our parents who encourage us during the long and exciting season. The CyberCavs existence and success is made possible by the helpful, generous, and encouraging support of the individuals and companies around us.

Mission Statement

The CyberCavs’ mission is to equip students with real life experiences in communication, collaboration, and self-confidence; inspiring them to step up as leaders in their departments and on the team. Through teamwork and a supportive environment we aim to inspire students to take an interest in STEM fields.

With Thanks to Our Sponsors

Redeemer University College